Give the Best Value To Your Customers

Everyone is looking for a deal. Why pay MORE than you need to? You get what you pay for…

These are all sayings we have heard before and there is some validity to all of them.

Everyone loves a bargain and everyone loves a great deal. Yes, we never want to feel like we overpaid for something. Some people take this to the extreme though and ONLY pay the lowest fee possible, even if they need to skimp on the bells and whistles they would prefer to have.

I for one, have no need for a bundled cable service because I haven’t had a television in my home for over a decade. Yes, I do have a laptop, and I have been known to binge a show or 2 on Netflix, but I haven’t watched network television in years.

I pay a little more than I like to for my internet connection, but without the extra perks I’m not using, I’m not paying for the extra fluff I don’t need and my overall bill is definitely lower.

One of my best friends growing up had a drawer full of napkins from a smorgasbord of fast-food restaurants. He also had another drawer full of condiment packets and straws. He was prepared for the occasions when any of these were needed at his home. He prided himself on never buying things he could get for free. 

Was he a bit extreme? Most people would say yes, but many people are also flabbergasted that a television isn’t a central piece of furniture in my home. Yes, we are both on the edges of what most people would consider normal, but that’s because we gave priority to specific things we valued. 

Time is money! Yet another saying I subscribe to, which is the reason I rarely watch television or spend the night at the movies. What do I do with my extra time? I spend quality time with my family & friends, donate my time to charity and I focus on ways I can bring value to the people in my community through my business.

My grandmother always said you get what you pay for. Yes, this is entirely true, but sometimes you get more than what you pay for. As a business owner, I strive to overdeliver whenever possible. Either, shorten the timeline or add extra services that I feel would bring value to my clients and their customers.

If you’re in the market for merchant processing, I would love for you to give me the chance to earn your business. You’ll get the boutique experience of a small business, with the backing of one of the largest merchant service companies in the industry.

Although I cannot guarantee the lowest price in the industry, I guarantee a fair price, with excellent customer service and the ability to support 501c3 charities with every swipe or tap of a credit card at your business terminals or online through an eCommerce portal. It’s a WIN-WIN-WIN service model that benefits you and the community.

Thank you for reading this post. In a future post, I will share how and why I got into the merchant services business.