The Best of Both Worlds!

With VCCP you get the feel and attention of a boutique firm combined with the backing and support from one of the largest credit card processors in North America.

I'm an existing business. Why should I partner with you?

VCCP will meet or beat your current merchant rates AND still donate 10% of our profits to charity. So, just by making the switch to VCCP, you will pay the SAME rates as you do now, or possibly even keep MORE money in your pocket, AND support The Burrito Project. This means YOU can help feed the hungry and homeless in the community without spending an extra dime.

How much do you charge? What are MY merchant processing rates if I partner with you?

Have you ever heard those commercials on the radio where they say their rates are so low they can't share them with the general public? Well, we're sort of in the same boat.

If you're an existing business, we can analyze your existing monthly statements and show you exactly how much you can save with VCCP.

If you're a brand new business, the merchant industry considers you a higher risk business. Luckily, VCCP works with higher risk businesses and higher risk industries. If you have been rejected by other merchant processors, give us the chance to WIN your business!

I'm just getting started with a new business. Why would I need Merchant Processing?

Well, if you're running a CASH ONLY business, there's really no need for a Merchant Processor. If you decide you want to accept credit cards, that's where a merchant processor can help you.

There are lots of options out there. You just need to decide what the goals are for your business.

Where do you sell or market your product or service?

  • In-person?
  • Online?
  • Over the phone?
  • Through print advertisements?

How does your client pay for their product or service?

  • In-person?
  • Online?
  • Over the phone?
  • Through a bank transfer?

How does your client receive their product or service?

  • In-person?
  • Delivery?
  • Online?

How you respond to the questions above will help you determine your best plan of action.

Think like a CONSUMER!

Imagine you are your ideal customer.

  • How do you like to interact with your favorite businesses?
  • How do they accept payments?
  • Do they offer cash discounts?
  • Do they charge you extra to use your credit card?
  • Do they have a rewards program?

Think about how YOU like to be treated and you can offer the same attention & services to YOUR customers.

I've heard of FREE Merchant Processing. Do you offer that?

YES! As a matter of fact, we do! We offer various options for your merchant processing needs. It goes back to the questions above. How do you want to treat your customer?

The BIG question is, who will pay the merchant processing fees? You? Or will you pass them on to your customer?

How can I get FREE processing?

I grew up hearing that expression, "there's no free lunch!"

Sometimes, YOU may not have paid for lunch, but SOMEONE paid for it, even if it wasn't YOU.

Have you ever been to a gas station that charges 2 different prices on their gas? There's a higher price if you use a credit card and a lower price if you pay with cash. This merchant processing model is called a CASH DISCOUNT model.

Many businesses are starting to use the Cash Discount model and some customers are irate when they see the extra service fee, while other people are fine with paying the service fee. How do you think your customers will feel?

What if decide to go with a traditional merchant processing model where I pay for the credit card fees?

With VCCP, we can help you pay merchant processing rates which are on the lower spectrum when compared to the competition. So, even though you are covering the credit card convenience cost for your customer, you will be paying a fair price and still help feed the hungry. That's what we call a Win-Win-Win!