Think, VCCP! I'd love to schedule a phone appointment with you. When I understand what your needs are, I can help your business accept credit card payments seamlessly.

Are you accepting credit card payments online, or only in person? Do you need to schedule recurring monthly payments? Do you want to take advantage of contactless payments using QR codes and tap-to-phone payments? Does your business need to accept EBT? Are you a brick-and-mortar business adding a mobile operation to your existing business model?

If you're starting a brand new business? I will customize a solution to meet your existing needs and implement a plan that adapts to the growth of your business as it matures.

If you have an existing merchant service account, how would you feel if you could help support local charities without paying more than you are now? If you allow me to run a report on your most current monthly Merchant Services bill, there's a 4/5 chance that in addition to supporting local charities, I can also help your business save money on the merchant service fees you are paying now.

I look forward to helping you upgrade your existing POS equipment while offering you the industry's fairest fees.

Alan Pinel aka TofuAlan