Credit Card Processing for Cannabis Businesses

With recent changes in laws and regulations in certain states, the desire for marijuana and related services have skyrocketed to all new heights. The cannabis business is exploding as many individuals and businesses are trying to get started in this booming industry.

We can provide your MMJ business with a convenient service for your customer base by having the ability to accept debit card transactions with our Cashless ATM. You can increase revenue, decrease your cash on hand and boost your business growth by adding an additional payment option for your customers.

We have an exclusive partner who can provide you with an industry leading marijuana merchant account. This account gives you the tools for success in an industry usually regarded as too high risk to partner with.

Getting Approved in a High-Risk Marijuana Industry

Banks, lenders and financial institutions have labeled marijuana companies as high risk for a variety of reasons.

These financial institutions typically have no clue how the cannabis industry works. This lack of knowledge leads to uncertainty and results in high chance of denied applications for credit card processing solutions. Additionally, there is a higher risk of chargeback claims because of how products are normally bought and paid for.

With federal and state laws/regulations constantly changing, there is a great deal of both potential gain and added complications for the future of the industry.

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Get the very best in credit card processing in the cannabis industry when you partner with us.

We have experience working with high-risk marijuana merchants and offer flexible and financially secure accounts so you can focus on creating the best experience for your clients.

We believe in keeping costs low by offering the lowest possible rates and can equip your business with a custom processing solution.

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