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How can Credit Card Processing be VEGAN?

Well, technically it's 1's and 0's, so yes, it's vegan. Your account is also managed by yours truly, a 25+ year vegan.

I want to partner with you, so I can offer you the best and fairest pricing model which allows you to keep more of your money so you can reinvest back into yourself and your business.

As an added value to your business, you'll know that through our partnership, you are receiving great & fair pricing while also helping the needy in the local community because we share 10% of our profits to help feed people in need.

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How do we get started?

If you're a brand new business or new to accepting credit cards, we can start from scratch with several options to compliment your business.

For existing businesses, we can analyze your existing merchant statements, preferably 3-months of statements, to pinpoint where we can save you money and discover any hidden fees you may not be aware of.

Once we are done analyzing your statements, we will prepare a proposal showing you where we can save you money and enhance your existing services giving you the best value.

Is your credit card processing service available anywhere in the USA?

Yes, we can provide credit card processing for your business in Canada as well as all 50 states, and we specialize in our home state of California. We will be adding a merchant processing partner in the UK very soon.

Do you have customer service?

Of course! Our friendly and knowledgeable customer service reps are available to answer your questions 24/7/365.

We believe customer service is the key to a long-lasting relationship. We offer customer service On-Site and Off-Site.

Can I accept payments on the go?

Yes, with your mobile device or our wireless terminals, you can accept chip cards anywhere you go.

Can I utilize a tablet as a POS system?

Yes, there are various Point-of-Sale options for businesses looking to take the next step in growing their business. Click here for our POS EQUIPMENT PAGE.

Can I accept credit cards online, or over the phone?

Yes, through our API and Gateway integration, we will help you expand your business by enabling you to take payments in person, online, through the mail, and by telephone.

Can I offer my customers a loyalty program?

Yes, we have several options to help you start attracting new customers with our customized loyalty rewards programs and gift cards.

How can I protect myself from fraudulent charges?

We can help protect your business from fraud through our End-to-End encryption.

Can you help my business be PCI Compliant?

Yes, we will guide you step by step to make sure your business is PCI Compliant and we will do our best to ensure your business is protected.