Merchant Processing

Here's My Business Pitch! Get Ready...

You know how customers carry less cash in their pockets and love the convenience of paying with their phone or a quick swipe of their card?

With VCCP, what we do is provide several payment options, including contactless solutions so you can capture that sale securely, quickly, and easily.

In fact, with every credit card sale you make, you help feed the hungry and homeless in Los Angeles.

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Restaurants & Bars

My dad wanted to treat me to a vegan soft-serve treat. When they rang up the total, my dad pulled out some cash and the employee pointed to a sign which said, "NO CASH, CREDIT CARDS ONLY."

I whipped out my phone, tapped the customer-facing POS screen and the payment was made.

In the wake of Covid-19, it's rare to find a restaurant or bar that takes cash. Make sure you are partnered with a merchant processor who offers you great equipment, a fair rate AND supports nonprofit organizations.

eCommerce Business Options

As a customer, shopping from my phone or laptop is so convenient. You know there are customers like ME, looking for the products & services YOU have.

You have thought of the perfect product to sell online. You have worked hard to stockpile your inventory of amazing products. You've created your website. Now, comes the BIG question... How are you going to accept credit cards so you can get paid?

VCCP, has several options for you including a WooCommerce plugin that easily connects to your merchant account for seamless online transactions.


Equipment & Upgrades

Your POS device(s) will be the way your customers interact with you. Square and Clover have very beautiful equipment. It's clean, sleek, and eye-catching! I'm not sure who copied whom, but in my opinion, both companies are on the right track.

In today's environment, make sure that your equipment can be used for contactless payments. SamsungPay can work on 99% of all merchant terminals, but ApplePay needs to be EMV compatible. Do you need an upgrade?

Be sure to think about the future. Choose a merchant processing platform that can scale with your business.

Key Features with VCCP

Interchange Plus Pass Through

The Interchange Plus Pricing Model is the most transparent and fair pricing model used in the credit card processing industry. It is composed of the Interchange Rate, which is the wholesale cost set by the Major Credit Card Brands, plus a fixed markup set by the processor (that's us). By using this method, the merchant has more control over their accounts. VCCP raises the bar in the industry by adding a charity supporting model.

Payment Solutions

We understand every business is unique. We offer a customized solution for every business so you can accept all major credit card brands.

Loyalty Program

Start attracting new customers with our customized loyalty rewards programs and gifts cards.

Secure Payment

Protect your business from fraud through our End-to-End encryption.

American Express OptBlue

American Express is loved by customers but feared by merchants because of the higher fees involved.

OptBlue is a new payment acceptance program that offers similar rates to Visa and MasterCard. OptBlue makes it easier for you to accept American Express from your customers. This new program consolidates your funds and statements with other Card Brands.

Payments on the GO

Accept chip cards anywhere you go with your mobile device or our wireless terminals.

PCI Compliance

We will guide you step by step to make sure your business is PCI Compliant, secure and your business is protected.

Customer Service

We believe customer service is the key to a long-lasting relationship. We offer 24/7 customer service. On-Site and Off-Site visits may be available in some markets, but virtual visits are available everywhere.

Next Day Funding

Here at Vegan Credit Card Processing, we understand the importance of receiving your funds on time. We have Next Day Funding and even Same Day Funding available for many of our clients.

It's your money. You should have it ASAP!

Tablets POS

Various Point-of-Sale systems are available for businesses looking to take the next step in growing their business


Through our API and Gateway integration, we will help you take your business online, pay by mail, and allow you to take telephone orders.

Cannabis Merchant Accounts

We can help create custom MMJ cannabis merchant accounts or Cashless ATMs which are tailored towards your industry and promote convenience for your customers and growth potential for your business.

Next Steps...

If you're an existing business and want to ensure you are getting the best pricing and services available, VCCP can analyze your existing statements for FREE and switch your business to a better pricing model and/or upgraded service options for your credit card processing account.

If you're a brand new business, we can offer you the best plan from the start.

I look forward to setting up an appointment with you. Give me a call today.