How Can Credit Card Processing Be Vegan?

What does VEGAN have to do with Credit Card Processing?

Well, nothing really, until you combine a Vegan Business Person with a Credit Card Processing Company and The Burrito Project, a nonprofit which makes vegan burritos for the homeless.

My goal is to help ALL vegan businesses by giving them an edge with lower credit card processing rates, upgraded equipment, and better service than they may currently have or find on the market.

Is our Vegan Credit Card Processing Service ONLY available to vegan companies?

Just like a vegan diet, our service is available to everyone who wants a leaner, healthier service with rates that are fair to everyone involved. As a bonus, by using our service, you help feed vegan burritos to the homeless and hungry through our partnership with, The Burrito Project.

We can analyze your current contract and see where we can lower your rates and /or upgrade your current services. If we can provide you a significant upgrade, we will lock in a merchant processing rate that can save you money which you can reinvest into yourself and your business.

Yes, we’re a vegan-friendly business! We’re also friendly to all businesses.

If you want to learn more about our business philosophy, please visit our ABOUT page. Let the digital 1’s and 0’s work in your favor as you help us feed the hungry and homeless in the community.

Click here to set up an appointment. I look forward to working with you.