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If you're reading this, it's because I gave you a business card, or you received a business card from someone I personally gave my business card to.

I only printed 250 business cards, so consider yourself part of this Limited LIFE SURGE Promotion.

The New Year is here! I am committed to partnering with 25 new businesses before my birthday on March 31, 2023.

I built this boutique merchant services company around the idea of being able to help businesses like YOURS and partnering with YOUR customers to support charity organizations in YOUR local community.

I will meet or beat your current merchant processing rates and still donate 10% of my profits to charity. I believe this creates a Win-Win-Win for everyone involved. When you choose to use VCCP as your merchant processor, you are helping to feed the hungry through our favorite charity, The Burrito Project.

I will find a way to give you something extra special when you decide to partner with me. There are various high-quality services that I charge extra for but I will offer them to you for FREE because you are one of my first 25 merchants to join my FUNDRAISING TEAM in 2023!

Thank you so much for your attention and participation.


My Story

I am a vegan businessman. I know how challenging starting and running a business can be. I have always wanted to help my fellow entrepreneurs bypass any hurdles I have overcome when possible. Most of my businesses tend to be service-based because I love to share my knowledge and shortcuts with my clients.

In today's business environment, most customers desire the ease of digital payments when they visit their favorite merchants in person and online. I need to deal with this in my architecture business, consulting business, and with my eCommerce store.

In the past, I have used SQUARE, STRIPE, PAYPAL, and QUICKBOOKS for my personal businesses and love the convenience they offer. I also know that although simple and easy to use, the credit card fees are quite high. I wanted an option that was convenient but also had a lower cost which was fair to both (me) the merchant and the credit card processor.

I was looking for a solution for my personal businesses that was better than the other options out there. Sometimes, when you can't find it, you need to create it!

I was able to create a partnership with several fantastic, reliable, and reputable credit card processing companies that allow me to reach out and support merchants in North America. This partnership allows me to offer you the best pricing and services available, while also helping to serve food, water, toiletry kits, blankets & socks to the needy in the community.

My goal is to partner with as many restaurants, bars, food trucks, markets, and merchants as I can save YOU money as WE help serve the community together.

Personally, I've always embraced new technology and as a customer, I prefer to pay with my phone, rather than take out my credit card. I have made sure that VCCP offers compatible card readers for those who prefer NFC over EVM and the traditional swipe terminals, as well as the virtual terminals which can be accessed with your phone, tablet, or laptop.

And for the question, I'm asked most often... How can Credit Card Processing be VEGAN? Well, technically it's just 1's and 0's, so yes, it's vegan. Your account is also managed by yours truly, a 25+ year vegan who wants to partner with you, so we can add more value to your business, while we also help people in need.

VCCP is a small but growing company. We have several agents available to assist you, and I look over every contract which crosses my "virtual" desk.

I look forward to working with you,


Next Steps...

If you're an existing business and want to ensure you are getting the best pricing and services available, VCCP can analyze your existing statements for FREE and switch your business to a better pricing model and/or upgraded service options for your credit card processing account.

If you're a brand new business, we can offer you the best plan from the start.

I look forward to setting up an appointment with you. Give me a call today.